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The toolkit

This page is free to all

A four stage approach

The toolkit is split into four stages and includes templates, tips, resources, examples and case studies. We suggest starting from the beginning and working through in this order, however you may wish to pick and choose the elements you most need support with.

All resources listed below are word documents (unless otherwise stated) and are available to download, use and adapt for any purpose, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Research and development

This phase focuses on building
the foundation of your digital skills
programme and will help you
understand the current environment,
both inside and outside your organisation
in terms of digital skills and confidence.

Running a digital skills programme - 10 tips (70KB)
Running your digital skills programme checklist (67KB)
Developing digital literacy research paper (1,404KB)
Digital skills framework template (36KB)
Digital skills framework example (43KB)
Identifying risks template (67KB)


This phase is key to a sustainable and
structured programme. It will help you
consider timeframes, recording
engaging your colleagues and identifying
current skills and confidence.

Designing your digital skills programme template (34KB)
Logistics (69KB)
Engaging your colleagues (41KB)
Recruiting digital champions tips (52KB)
Conducting a survey (32KB)
Pre-launch survey template (33KB)
Pre-launch survey example (64KB)
Digital scale example (328KB)


This phase focuses on running practical
sessions that will build the skills and
confidence of your colleagues. It will 
help you structure your sessions, develop
content and develop a long term learning

Session plan template (68KB)
Session plan example (70KB)
Session outline template (73KB)
Session outline example (74KB)
Session content example (powerpoint 7,777KB)
Building an online presence (776KB)
Evaluation form template (32KB)
A-Z of useful resources 

Monitoring and evaluation

This phase focuses on measuring the
success of your programme and will help
you gather feedback, identify areas that
need improving and develop a long term

Reviewing your programme (33KB)
Six month review example (42KB)
Follow-up survey template (34KB)
Follow-up survey example (86KB)
12 month survey example (61KB)
12 month review example (432KB)
Sustaining your digital skills programme (33KB)

Download the whole toolkit (compressed zipped 11,421KB)

Session content

This toolkit is more focused on the planning and strategic elements of running a digital skills programme. While we have included the slides from one of our sessions as an example, we think your session content should be tailored to fit with your branding, strategic aims and unique areas of work.  

Get in touch

We’d love to discuss how we can help you get your digital skills programme started. Contact Megan Griffith Gray on 020 7520 2412 or email


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