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3. What we do

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Guidance on writing the 'What we do' section of your business plan.

3.1 Product and services

Describe what your organisation does

  • What services do you provide?
  • Who do you provide them to?
  • Why/how did you develop these services?
  • Do you have different versions of your service?
  • How do you evaluate your services?
  • If you sell products, what are they? What do they do?
  • Did you create these products? How did you design them? What do they do for the customer?

It can be helpful to include pictures (for products) or diagrams (for services).

3.2 Product and service development

Describe how you plan to develop your products or services over the business plan period

  • Will you develop new products or services?
  • Will you be launching your service in a new market?
  • Why is it the right time to do this?
  • What are your timescales for launch?

Your products and services are key to your business plan: these are the things that allow you to both generate income and create social impact. Make it clear how you see your products and services developing to meet the needs of your beneficiaries and customers.

Set out your ambitions for growth (if you’re an established organisation) or for testing out your products and services (if you’re a new organisation), including plans for learning and evaluation.

Page last edited Oct 12, 2020

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