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Time off for public duties

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Example policy: Time off for public duties

Below is an example of an employment policy, designed for a small not-for-profit employer that is adhering to statutory minimum requirements. It does not constitute legal advice. This resource has been provided by HR Services, an NCVO Trusted Supplier. As with all policies it should be consistent with your terms and conditions of employment as well as your culture and aspirations. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Download a version of this time off for public duties example policy (Word, 70KB)

Taking time off for public duties

If you hold a public position outside of your work with us, you are able to take a reasonable amount of unpaid time off work over and above your normal holiday entitlement. Common examples of public positions include being a magistrate (justice of the peace), a local councillor or a school governor.

If you want to take time off for public duties you should make a request to your manager with as much notice as possible giving any dates you wish to take, stating the expected length of your absence. The amount of time must be reasonable and will normally be agreed between you and your manager.

We will consider your request and will take into account the amount of time you have previously taken off for public duties and how the request will impact on the charity. If the time off is agreed you will not be required to make up the time. 

Where the amount of time off you require for public duties becomes excessive, or begins to cause operational difficulties, we may need to decline further time off in the immediate future. Alternatively, you may be permitted to take your annual holiday entitlement for this purpose.

Time off for jury service

You will also be provided with time off work if you have been called for jury service, unless the time off may have a significant detrimental impact on the charity. In which case we may ask you to delay your jury service.

Time off for jury service will be unpaid. However, you can claim a loss of earning allowance from the court. You will be provided with a Certificate of Loss of Earnings form with confirmation of your jury service. You should pass this form to your manager for completion.

Download a version of this time off for public duties example policy (Word, 70KB)

Page last edited May 17, 2022

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