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The chief executive's job

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Guidance for chief executives on how to best fulfill their role as a leader of an organisation.

The person in charge of an organisation can be called diffierent things in different types of non profit organisations. These include chief executive, CEO, director, managing director. What that person does and how they behave may also vary.

What's different about being a chief executive?

The challenges of the chief executive role.

The chief executive's first 100 days

Tips for new chief executives to help them manage their new role.

A framework of leadership for the chief executive

A model for thinking about the leadership role of an organisation's chief executive.

Essential roles of a chief executive

Four activities that must be done by the chief executive of an organisation.

The chief executive and the top team

The chief executive's role in developing a strong top team.

The chief executive as a coach

How a chief executive can coach colleagues through problems or issues they are facing.

The chief executive's relationship with trustees

About the relationship between the chief executive and the trustees.

Tips for chief executives in difficult times

Suggestions for what CEOs and senior managers should be doing during turbulent times.

Appraising the CEO: 360⁰ profiling

An introduction to 360⁰ profiling of the chief executive or senior management team and instructions on how to do it.

Page last edited Jul 20, 2017

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