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Managing staff

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How to manage and assist staff to develop


Are you always busy? Always working more hours than you should? If so, it could be that you need to think about delegating some of your workload.

Delegation - Read more…

Communicating and consulting with your team

Good communication can help employees feel valued, motivated and knowledgeable about what is going on in the organisation.

Communicating and consulting with your team - Read more…

Motivation and engagement

The basic needs of staff and how to keep your employees motivated and engaged in their work.

Motivation and engagement - Read more…

Performance-based rewards

Ideas for linking performance to rewards and why this can be important for staff development.

Performance-based rewards - Read more…

Improving staff loyalty

Factors that influence the happiness and loyalty of employees.

Improving staff loyalty - Read more…

Management styles

How approaches to management impact staff.

Management styles - Read more…

Rewarding people equally

Find out how to maintain morale and motivation by treating everyone fairly at work.

Rewarding people equally - Read more…

Measuring achievements in good staff management

Ways of measuring your organisation's success with people management procedures.

Measuring achievements in good staff management - Read more…

Managing conflict

Inevitably we all encounter conflict at work from time to time, whether as a manager or an employee. This section gives a brief overview of the issue and offers some links to further information.

Managing conflict - Read more…

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