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Improving staff loyalty

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How to build and increase staff loyalty with clear values, consultation and policies on equal treatment.

A main reason for leaving an organisation is poor management. Many people will stay, even in an organisation they dislike, if they have a manager they enjoy working with and feel loyal towards. Here we look at developing loyalty among staff. 

Encouraging employee loyalty


Provide clear vision, goals and objectives that involve people at all levels of the organisation. See the Knowhow leadership section for more.


Involve employees in the decision making processes. Employees often have a valuable perspective that is not obvious to members of the management team. Learn more about how to communicate with staff.

Ethical, equitable and legal treatment of employees

Ensure people are treated ethically, equitably and legally. This includes taking a zero tolerance approach towards bullying and discrimination. Go to our Knowhow page on equitable treatment of staff to find out more on making sure everyone is treated fairly. And see our page on what to include in a staff handbook for more on implementing policies and procedures. 

Organisational values

Recruit staff with similar values to those of the organisation and ensure these are core to everything the organisation does.

Valuing individuals

Give everyone an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation and ensure that the organisation recognises people for the contribution they make as individuals and as teams. Find out more about providing opportunities for staff to contribute and feedback.


Encourage a sense of belonging to a team with opportunities for social interaction between staff, for example, by creating a sport and social club. Read more about team building

Remuneration package

Ensure that employee remuneration is in line with that offered by similar organisations for similar positions. Find out more about rates of pay in the voluntary sector at the Knowhow page on working for voluntary organisations.

Opportunity for growth and development

Where possible, provide opportunities for individuals to develop as much as they can, and want to, within the organisation. Learn more about development and managing performance, learning and skills.

Flexible working

Job sharing, term time working and provision for study leave can increase staff loyalty and improve an organisation's performance. Read more ideas for flexible working

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