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Measuring achievements in good staff management

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Ways of measuring your organisation's success with people management procedures.

There are several measurements you can use to demonstrate achievements in people management procedures and processes. These can be logged and compared year-on-year.

  • Turnover rates (the number of people joining and leaving your organisation). Read ten tips for reducing staff turnover
  • Exit interviews with employees who leave. Learn about structuring an exit interview.
  • Employee satisfaction surveys (even small scale in-house surveys can be helpful).
  • Reduction in sickness absence levels.
  • Growth in organisational capacity (for example, numbers of people employed, volunteers recruited, numbers of service users supported). Find out how to evaluate and monitor your development.
  • Increased diversity among staff and volunteers. Read about the Equality Act
  • Feedback from service users, funders, regulators etc.
  • Levels of learning and development in the organisation (type of activities, expenditure, and length) for employees, volunteers and trustees.

Source: Published with permission from Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness. This material is taken from Tools for Success: doing the right things and doing them right, published October 2008.

Use our Tools for Success self assessment tool to identify areas where you are sustainable and those where you need to do more work.

Page last edited Sep 08, 2020

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