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The volunteer coordinator

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About the role of the volunteer coordinator or volunteer manager.

Volunteer job titles

Managers of volunteers have challenging roles, often carried out with few resources and as part of a much wider role. The term Volunteer Coordinator is used for those who had specific roles such as Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Manager, Volunteer Organiser, Volunteer Leader or similar and for whom volunteer management was their core work.

Volunteer coordinator and manager functions

While Volunteer Managers and managers of volunteers may work in a range of situations and organisations, there are some common functions they will be expected to carry out. Volunteer Managers are often central to an organisation’s success in recruiting and retaining the volunteers needed to deliver its objectives.

Having said this, many people who organise volunteer contributions may not describe themselves as Volunteer Coordinators or Managers. For example, those organising people to help in sports clubs or encouraging tenants to get involved in the provision of housing services, etc.

However, these people do use a wide range of skills, often dealing with similar problems and are often at the leading edge of encouraging diversity in volunteering. It is also possible to see the Volunteer Coordinator role as one which focuses on organisational change, advocating for heightened involvement of volunteers in the work of the organisation.

The special nature of managing volunteers

Managers of volunteers need to be aware of the special nature of involving volunteers.

GOV.UK provides useful links on placements, rights and expenses for volunteers.

Support networks for volunteer coordinators and managers

Managers of volunteers and volunteer coordinators can contact the Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM) which is an independent body that aims to support, represent and champion people who manage volunteers in England regardless of field, discipline or sector. AVM has been set up by and for people who manage volunteers to raise the profile and status of those who manage volunteers, who themselves may be volunteers.

Heritage Volunteering Group is a membership network that supports people who manage volunteers in museums, libraries, archives, buildings, cultural organisations and community transport.

Leading volunteers

Is leading volunteers different from managing volunteers?

One can easily make the case that managers of volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators are leaders, demonstrating skills and qualities necessary to organise people who are giving their time for no financial gain and who can stop at any time! Leaders of volunteers are usually inspiring individuals who are successful in their roles because they have the ability to:

  • communicate the vision of the organisation and the part volunteers play
  • know their volunteers, what motivates them and how to get the best from them
  • develop their volunteers, helping them move into new roles as their needs and the needs of the organisation changes.

Changing the future of volunteering

For managers of volunteers who want to contribute to future changes in the overall volunteering movement, Volunteering England is working with a number of partners to modernise volunteering and improve the support for organisations involving volunteers e.g:

Page last edited Mar 11, 2021
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