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Safer volunteering in migrant camps

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Helping refugees and migrants stay safe

Volunteers have been helping migrants and refugees across Europe since before the migrant crisis made headlines in 2015. While we don’t know exactly how many people are volunteering, we know that thousands of people from the UK have been involved in delivering donations and offering time, help and skills to people in difficult circumstances and at times, hostile environments.

Volunteers make a valuable contribution to the lives of people who need help. We also know that volunteers will be able to make a bigger difference, and avoid potential problems, if they are well informed about some of the issues they may face.

We’ve developed six factsheets, working with the government and with experienced organisations and volunteers who have worked in camps throughout Europe, to help volunteers and organisations prepare for these challenges.

The factsheets identify some of the potential risks of volunteering – from day-to-day experiences to serious dangers such as people smuggling and human trafficking. They provide practical guidance to help keep volunteers safe, and to ensure that volunteers can help keep refugees and migrants safe.

Resources for volunteers - on NCVO website

Resources for organisations engaging volunteers


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